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William D. McConnaughy is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and former Internal Revenue Service Revenue Agent, so he understands perfectly how back taxes work and how to deal with them. He has over twenty-eight years of dealing directly with tax issues. William D. McConnaughy has mastered the issue of taxation and can help to guide his clients through the difficult problems they face with the Internal Revenue Service. He does his best to provide quick and easy resolutions to back tax issues in an ethical manner.

There is a lot of be scared of when the Internal Revenue Service decides that you owe money that you have not yet paid. This is a serious situation that can threaten mental health, physical health, the sustainability of marriages, the payment of other bills, the mortgage, your credit, and your career. The Internal Revenue Service can really make life a living hell if they try. Delinquency notices in the mail, penalties, threats, demanding phone calls, and all sorts of stressful situations will result as the Internal Revenue Service collection officers try to squeeze you dry to ensure that you pay off the back taxes as soon as is possible.

If you want to solve the issue of back taxes to disappear and stay gone, then contacting William D. McConnaughy is a wise choice. He is a skilled CPA who really can get the Internal Revenue Service off your back sooner, rather than later. William D. McConnaughy’s firm has successfully resolved over 3,000 cases for his clients. Since he was an Internal Revenue Service officer, he is fully aware of how to represent the interests of his clients and resolve outstanding issues. William D. McConnaughy gives clients personal, hands-on, attention. He also has a staff that understands the importance of integrity and confidentiality. William D. McConnaughy’s services are also incredibly affordable.

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